Casino Affiliates

Casinos always have been and still are one of the few profitable industries through boom times and recessions.  Consequently, the general public assumes that casino affiliates therefore are the most profitable too. Unfortunately they are not. Please do be aware of the fact that, if there would be a chart of all affiliates in terms of revenue, casino affiliates indeed are number one with a very big lead. They beat every other hands down. But they take the number one place because they work hard and keep on working hard. For those who think to become a casino affiliate or any other affiliate, to only earn easy money, they will be unpleasantly surprised.

What is a Casino Affiliate?

affiliateThe first thing a starting casino publisher needs to perceive is the fact that one can only sell a product that they completely understand, thus, learn how to play the games you are about to promote. Without gaming experience, the success rate is very low. At the same time, getting traffic for your affiliate websites must be a fundamental necessity for you. The average successful casino affiliate spends more then a few hours per day working on the greater goal to direct visitors to the online casinos. This casino affiliate is always looking around for new ways, new content, new tools, etc to achieve his goal.

Becoming an online casino affiliate

If you are seriously considering to become a casino affiliate, than you probably have at least one gaming-related content website with probably lots of traffic. It makes sense that next, you read up on online casino affiliates to get acquainted with the affiliate programs, the networks, the forums, etc. Whilst you will be orientating yourself you will run into casino affiliate programs that are all eager to have you because you have a huge amount of visitors or see ways to help you get more traffic. You can sign up to become a casino affiliate very easy, maybe by sending an e-mail, or filling in a form. Affter a screening, you will be assigned an affiliate manager to teach you the ropes. During the screening, we advise you to be honest at all times and emphasize that you are seriously willing to invest your time, that you are not just another wannabe affiliate.  Read more

Best Affiliate programs

If you Google Best Casino Affiliate Programs, you get over 1,2 million results. Since it is impossible to research even a small part of them, we suggest you join related forums. There you will find reviews, firsthand information given by real affiliates. You will probably also find outdated info, which might give a distorted picture. To narrow down your search, we refer you to our list of the  programs we consider the best at this moment.

Revenue plans for Affiliates

There are a number of plans to monetize a website depending on the sort of website. Making money with a blog requires a different approach then with a price-comparing website. The only common factor is the need for traffic, the more the better. Read more

Rev Share

Revenue Share is the percentage in revenue that can be earned by monetizing a website. If the casino makes profit they will give you a share of it. If your traffic doesn’t make money in the casino you won’t get paid for the exposure.


CPA stands for Cost per Action and is actually all about conversion. The affiliate commits to promoting a product or service by placing a link and or a banner ad on their website, in exchange for money. But, no clicks no money!