Best Revenue Share Deals

Revenue Share is an online affiliate marketing strategy where the affiliate is rewarded a share of the total revenue, based on performance. The revenue share model is actually an extension of CPC , Cost Per Sale, where revenue is being generated based on a sale.

Revenue Share and online casinos

Revenue share90 percent of all casino affiliate programs is based on revenue sharing these days. Although the world wide web is a big place with endless space for online casino’s, they all need to work hard to get and keep their players. To expand their player network, they work with affiliates. By offering their affiliates a share in revenue,  they urge their affiliates to keep on enhancing their skills and keep being creative to lead visitors to the casino. The advertiser can earn up to 50% of the net amount that the player spends in the casino, a lifetime long! This percentage is part of the terms and conditions, that differ per casino.

Revenue share and content writing

Writing for revenue share exists for quite some years now but has never been popular to use, since it was more lucrative for writers to get paid a set amount per article, or per word with maybe a bonus per keyword. But nowadays, competition is fierce and publishers need their articles to not just fill a website with keywords.  At the same time, they need the article to be newsworthy, add value and preferably encourage social sharing, all of this to attract more traffic. And most importantly, the articles need to be written conform the Google algorithm to prevent from being penalized. Since this algorithm is being updated by Google on a frequent basis, writers must be up to date too. With revenue share, the merchants offer the writers of these journalistic masterpieces an attractive piece of the pie. This way the chaff is being separated from the wheat in the writersworld. This win-win situation is also the fundamental idea with rev share affiliates in the gambling industry.

Terms and conditions Revenue share

Revenue Share Deals are the most profitable ones at this moment in the gambling industry. Logically, the working methods of the online casinos must be as professional as the land based ones. They often have an army of lawyers that compose the terms and conditions. This way, they hope to exclude wannabe affiliates that only look to get rich quick.

Best Revenue Share Deals

Because of their popularity, rev share deals are springing up like mushrooms every day. If you put some effort in it, you will find multiple top 10 lists in no time. Chances are that the offers themselves might be outdated. As we are great advocates of firsthand information, we welcome you to contact our team to discuss mutual expectations and of course, the best deal you have ever had. Check here our list of best Netent Casinos and affiliate programs