Best CPA Deals

CPA dealsThe abbreviation CPA stands for Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition. It is an online advertising pricing model based on performance marketing: The affiliate, being the publisher of at least one website, commits to promoting an advertiser’s service and or product by placing a link and or a banner advertisement on their website. In exchange, the advertiser pays the publisher or affiliate commission for specified actions like for example a newsletter sign up or a form submittal. Performing these actions are called conversions, hence the explanation of CPC, Cost per Conversion, being the same as Cost per Action.

For an affiliate or publisher who works with this conversion-contingent online advertising model, there is a constant need to achieve a consistency in getting conversions of visitors clicking on published links and performing actions. Depending on the advertiser , money can be earned on actions like for example visitors providing personal details like e-mail address or creditcard details.  Thus the actual conversion in this online marketing model is the delivery of leads. The payment per conversion can range from 15 cents to hundreds of dollars.

Pro and Contra arguments

The biggest advantage of Cost per Action is probably the fact that the publisher is not depending on visitors making an actual purchase: the affiliate merely has to bring the lead. Working with a CPA program gives the affiliate all the tools needed to promote the merchant’s product or service. Everything from banners to bonus codes is ready to just implement in the website. These CPA programs appoint an affiliate manager that guides the publisher through the forums, helpdesks etc.  with the sole purpose to help the affiliate in promoting. To find a CPA-program that suits best, the publisher has to check out the various offers concerning commissions, promotions, etc. from the different CPA networks available. Since there are a lot of them, this can be very time-consuming. Probably most important here are the payment conditions. There are numerous affiliate forums that discuss payouts being solid or not. Joining a Cost per Action network is not as simple as filling in an online form and get approved. Those programs also want potential affiliates to give them insight in what they can mean for the merchant’s sales.

Implementing CPA ads in your marketing strategy is however not the right payment model for just any website. CPA ads require constant monitoring and need to be adjusted depending on the website’s visitors, thus again very time-consuming. For all payment models in online advertising world, there are probably as much pros as there are cons. Cost per Action is the more personal, least general payment model that is only profitable if the ads are relevant for the website’s visitors.  Especially for the online gaming world affiliates, CPA Deals are one the best earning models.

Netent Casinos with best CPA Deals

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